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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Launchy is a more than useful tool

How nice it would be if there was a shortcut to a small exe you have developed and is placed in a quite inaccessible location like say d:\project\python\hihaha.exe. Sounds like a really good alternative for all those buffs who dislike using mouse

Then those of you are still interested and have carried on reading , try out lauchy, an open source key stroke launcher for windows.

Version 0.9.6 is available now. I have using Launchy for the past few months and am very fond of it. By default, Launchy indexes applications present in your start menu and provides easy access to it. You can also request it to index folders where you have kept your, say, .lnk, .exe files. You can also index .mp3, .doc files. And launch your favourite song , right here, right now!

Launchy is pretty lightweight (3 mb or so) and is very easy to use. Beautiful skins are also avaiable for Launchy. So feel tempted to give it a try. For more info, visit www.launchy.net.