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Friday, April 21, 2006

Yahoo rolls out new web-mail service in 5 years

Yahoo has rolled out a new Web-based mail service that the company hopes will provide a richer and more dynamic experience for e-mail users. Yahoo launched the new beta version on Wednesday in partnership with AT&T.

Among other features, the service offers users drag-and-drop e-mail organization and an integrated Really Simple Syndication (RSS) reader that provides easy access to breaking news, blog entries, and other feeds directly through the e-mail interface.

The upgraded service is currently available only for AT&T Yahoo broadband and dial-up subscribers.

The beta marks the most significant upgrade in Yahoo's mail interface in five years. As with previous incarnations of Yahoo Mail, the new version is browser-based and universally accessible from any Internet-connected computer.

With tabbed navigation, the new interface is designed to make viewing multiple e-mails at the same time a snap. Comprehensive search of e-mail headers, bodies, and attachments should make finding stored e-mail easier.

The service also provides the option of using keyboard shortcuts and right-click menus.

"This beta version of AT&T Yahoo Mail gives people a faster and more dynamic way to experience their e-mail, yet it continues to offer the same features they rely upon today: great antispam and virus protection, tons of storage, it's all there," said Ethan Diamond, director of product development at Yahoo Mail.

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